Born 15. September 1959 in Ulm, Germany. Married, father of a son (*1983).

Studied Aerodynamics at the Technical University of Stuttgart, left however short before his diploma to work several years as software developer and to found, together with a partner, his own IT-counseling company in 1993. Managing director until June 1996, he left the company after the first glimpses of success as a writer. Today he lives, together with his wife Marianne, at the French Atlantic coast, writing full time with a view on the ocean from his working room.

He has been writing since his 12th year - mostly novels, but also short stories. In the 80's various publications of short prose in literary periodicals. In 1994 scholarship holder of the Arno-Schmidt-Foundation "for literary highly gifted young writers".

His first published novel 1995, "Die Haarteppichknüpfer" (The Carpet Makers), won 1996 one of the highest awards of German science fiction, the SFCD-Literaturpreis. His second novel, "Solarstation", 1996, won the other great German science fiction award, the Kurd Laßwitz Preis. His third novel finally, "Jesus Video", won both of them, became a nationwide bestseller in the year 2000 and was turned into a television movie in 2002.

His first translation into another language happened 1998, when "Die Haarteppichknüpfer" was published in France as "Des milliards des tapis de cheveux". It was not only the first German science fiction novel to be published in France after 18 years, it also won two literary prizes in France and Belgium.

Today he is considered to be one of the most successful German SF writer ever. His novels usually reach bestseller status and get translated in other languages - up to now into French, Italian, Czech, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, Slovak, Hungarian, Estonian, Finnish, Korean and English.