I am terrible with photographs. I never have one at hand if I need one. I almost never take any, except for research purposes. Fortunately, there are a lot of people who take pictures from me on different occasions, send them to me and allow me to put them on my website. Thanks to them!


Interview on German television about my book One Trillion Dollars.


Book signing on a reading tour in Germany, 2004. This one is in Ingelheim, where the organizers provided an unusual beautiful stage.
(Photograph by Marion Elter, who took a great series of splendid pictures.)


On the podium at the annual international SF festival UTOPIALES in Nantes, France. The one who is speaking is Terry Bisson, and we were sharing our memories of Douglas Adams.
(This is from the website of the UTOPIALES festival, www.utopiales.org.)


The presentation of my space opera QUEST in Stuttgart, May 2001, in the bookstore Lindemanns.
(As far as I remember, Peter Fleissner took the pictures.)


After the award ceremony for the Prix Bob Morane for Des milliards des tapis de cheveux, the french edition of The Carpet Makers in Bruxelles, 2000. The guy beside me is Italian SF writer Luca Masali who also got the award this year.
(Someone from the Maison des Livres must have taken this one.)


The official poster of the movie made from my novel The Jesus Video. While technically brilliant, the movie tells a completely different story than the book - unfortunately one that is annoyingly illogical and lame. On the other hand, the movie was quite successful. So sometimes I am proud of the fact that a movie has been made from one of my novels, and sometimes I am ashamed...