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Der Letzte seiner Art

(The Last Of His Kind)

In a small Irish town lives a man who guards a secret. No, more than that - he is the secret...

They promised him superhuman powers. Instead of that, he became disabled.
He hoped to become a hero. Instead of that, he has to hide from the world.
All he wants now is to live in peace and tranquility.
But there is a man on the way who seeks him - and who knows his secret...

Published September 2003
by Lübbe, Bergisch-Gladbach
348 pages
ISBN 3-7857-2123-4.

Translated into: French, Dutch, Czech, Russian

Bestseller Info:
Time in Hardcover Bestseller List: 16 weeks
First Entry: 29. Sep 2003
Last: 9. Feb 2004
Top Position: 28 (6. Oct 2003)
Ranking in 'Overall Bestsellers 2003 Hardcover': 89

Eine Billion Dollar

(One Trillion Dollars)

John Salvatore Fontanelli, son of a shoe maker in New York and working as a pizza driver, inherits one day a fortune left by a distant ancestor, a Florentinian merchant of the 16th century.

A fortune that has grown over 500 years, through compound interest, to over one trillion dollars.

And he inherits a prophecy: The heir of this fortune, the telling says, will once give back mankind the lost future...

Published September 2001
by Lübbe, Bergisch-Gladbach
736 pages
ISBN 3-7857-2049-1.

Also available in: Turkish (2002), Dutch (2005), Russian

Bestseller Info:
Time in Hardcover Bestseller List: 17 weeks
First Entry: 1. Oct 2001
Last: 25. Feb 2002
Top Position: 22 (14. Jan 2002)
Ranking in 'Overall Bestsellers 2002 Hardcover': 96

Time in Paperback Bestseller List: 28 weeks
First Entry: 27. Oct 2003
Last: 10. May 2004
Top Position: 5 (5. Jan 2004)
Ranking in 'Overall Bestsellers 2003 Paperback': 61


The Empire of Gheera is doomed to be destroyed. The Pantap's defense forces have no chance against the powerful legions of the legendary Star Emperor, whose hunger for power knows no limits. The final fall is only a question of time.

In this situation, Commander Eftalan Quest, a grim, ambitious man, who leads his spacecraft MEGATAO unrelentingly, starts out for an almost hopeless expedition: He wants to find the mythical Planet Of Origin - the world where, as the tales tell, all life in universe once began.

But there are still other legends about this world...

Published June 2001
Heyne, München.
Paperback with colored illustrations.
ISBN 3-453-18773-3.

Also available in: French (2002), Russian

Kelwitts Stern

(Kelwitt's Star)

On a distant planet near the center of our galaxy lives an alien race whose custom dictates the naming of a star for each newborn. Their science of astronomy is very advanced in order to find enough new stars for the population, and they believe it brings luck to visit one's own star at least once in a lifetime.

So, one day our sun is given to the young alien named Kelwitt. But when he comes to visit "his" star, he falls down on earth, making a crash landing in the middle of the Swabian Alps. A sensation? Not really, because it is December 1999. Everybody awaits the year 2000, and nobody has the time to care about alien invaders...

Published 1999 by Schneekluth, Munich.
384 pages, Hardcover.
ISBN 3-7951-1624-4.

Jesus Video

Excavations in Palestina. In a two thousand year old grave the archeologists find the users manual of a SONY Video Camera - a model that is not yet Also available, but still on the construction board.

How is this possible? They conclude that the only logical explanation is that there must have happened a time travel - somebody in the near future will go two thousand years back to make a video of Jesus Christ.

A merciless hunt begins - a hunt for the camera...

Published 1998 by Schneekluth, Munich.
602 pages, Hardcover.
ISBN 3-7951-1625-2.

Also available: French (2001), Italian (2002), Japanese (2003), Polish (2004), Russian (2005)

Appeared also as: Bertelsmann Club Edition (2001), GemStar eBook (2001), Audiobook (2002).

Made into a movie by Sebastian Niemann (Director) in 2002.

Bestseller Info:
Time in Paperback Bestseller List: 79 weeks
First Entry: 28. Feb 2000
Last: 20. Jan 2003
Top Position: 13 (23. Dec 2002)
Ranking in 'Overall Bestsellers 2001 Paperback': 65
Ranking in 'Overall Bestsellers 2002 Paperback': 27


(Solar Station)

We write the year 2015. The world has changed. The European Union has fallen apart, the USA have stepped back into self-chosen isolation, in the Middle East burns the Second Gulf War since years. The leading economic power is Japan, its most ambitious space project: the Solar Station, a huge space station with a solar panel measuring two kilometres, build to produce energy in the orbit and transmit it to earth.

One day, somebody gets murdered on this space station - the first crime in space ever and starting point of a blackmail of desastrous dimensions.

The last ally the crew members have is zero gravity...

Published 1996 by Schneekluth, Munich.
350 pages, Hardcover.
ISBN 3-7951-1406-3.

Also available in: French (2000), Italian (2002), Russian (2003)