The Carpet Makers
(Die Haarteppichknüpfer)

Another world, another time...

Since unimaginable times they are knotting carpets for the court of the Emperor - carpets made from the hairs of their wives and their daughters, carpets so tense and fragile, that every carpetmaker finishes only one single carpet in whole his lifetime. The art is descended from the father to the son, since milleniums, since the beginning of time itself.

But one day, everything changes. The empire of the God Emperors vanishes, and strangers arrive from the stars to follow the trace of the hair carpets.

And they discover a secret beyond any imagination...

April 2005 at Tor Books.

Translated by Doryl G. Jensen
With a forward by Orson Scott Card.
Hardcover, 320 pp.
ISBN 0-765-305933.

Paperback, 300 pp.
ISBN 0-765-31490-8.

Available also in: German(1995), French (1999), Italian (2001), Czech (2002), Polish (2004), Spanish (2004)
Best Books 2005: In the ranking of number 6 among the ten best SF novels in 2005.
Recommended reading: On the "recommended reading list 2005" of the Locus magazine.