Since I shut down the old version of my homepage in 2007, which had an English version, too, the demands to re-establish that section on my new website never ceased. There were mainly two reasons it took so long: First, I had to fiddle out before how to implement different versions of the same website with my new content management system and my new provider. Second, the thing I love most to do is, after all, to sit before my keyboard and type away new stories – and this is what I was doing a lot these last years …

But in the moment, I am in a limbo: I have finished the first draft of a novel that will be published in autumn, and facing the voyage to Norway next week, it's not the moment to start a new one. So I decided to work on my homepage instead, at least a little.

Invitation to Oslo

I am invited by the University of Oslo, Norway, to participate in an academic conference around the subject of world-building in science-fiction. The conference takes place the 9th and 10th of june, 2011. For more detailled and accurate information, look here: