"Lord of all things" as Kindle Monthly Deal

The team from Amazon Crossing informed me that Lord of All Things is included in the Kindle Monthly Deal of august in the US marketplace, starting 8/1/2015 and running through 8/31/2015. That means, it's among a selection of books that are offered for $3,99 or less. Have a look here and click on "Science Fiction & Fantasy".

New novel available: "One Trillion Dollars"

While a lot of my novels have been translated into a lot of languages, some even becoming bestsellers abroad, American and English publishers have (traditionally, I presume) hesitated to look into the possibility of importing one of them. With honorable exceptions, of course, namely Tor Books/St. Martin's Press, who pioneered by acquiring the rights of "The Carpetmakers" and turned it into the most wonderful edition of all, and Amazon Crossing, who recently made "Lord of all things" available to the English-reading public.

But with new technology, the rules of the game are about to change. Having an American or English publisher, although still preferable, is no longer mandatory: My main publishers in Germany, Bastei-Lübbe, took matters in their own hands, got my huge longseller "One Trillion Dollars" translated and published it – as eBook! Have a look what the story's about …

Hiroshi at work?

To those who know the chapters about "Hiroshi's Island" in my novel "Lord of All Things", this sight might appear startling familiar:

A reader pointed me towards this video; I didn't knew it while I was writing my novel. (Apart from that I was carrying the images of my novel within in me for ten years already when I started writing it.) So, what do we learn? There must be a kindred spirit of Hiroshi Kato somewhere out there, catching up fast with fiction …