I'm gleaming these days

The book has a great cover, it's promoted by banners and newsletters and stuff – but how does it appeal to readers? Well, the reviews at Amazon.com and Amazon (UK) are mind-blowing for the author, I can tell you. The same thing on Goodreads, a platform with which I am not too familiar (maybe I should make myself so?).

In any case, I am gleaming of pride these days in a way that makes lighting of rooms almost unnecessary. Or so.

"Lord of All Things" is out now!

It was on 18th december, half past seven in the evening, when suddenly our door bell rang.

It was already pitch dark, and we had a thunderstorm that evening here at the most western coast of Brittany, France (as we have often in december). Out of the dark, through the heavy rain, appeared a man from UPS, carrying a heavy box, happy to unload it without much delay. "Christmas time", he said as he handed me the form I had to sign, "a lot to do." (He said it en Français, of course.)
I signed the paper, wondering what this delivery might be, because as far as I knew, everything I've ordered had already arrived. The sender adress was printed too small to read in the dim light of the entrance. So, while the man from UPS ran back to his car, I carried the thing inside and simply opened it, curiously.

It was something I somehow knew was to come, but didn't expect it at that time: My author's copies of Lord of All Things! Twenty of them, wonderfully crafted books. I picked the first one and spent the next hour browsing it, just as delighted as back then, almost twenty years ago, when I held my first printed book ever in my hands.

Meanwhile, my dear readers, the book is out. It's a week already that my novel is available in every format we use to have today, it is getting its first reviews on Amazon, which are, until now, very much in it's favor – so, get on board, the ride ist about to begin!


The story behind "The Carpetmakers"

I was asked by upcoming4.me to tell a bit about how the strange story of "The Carpetmakers" came into existence (or, how my mother once put it: What have I done wrong in your upbringing?). Well, there's a lot to tell, I restrained myself to the essentials, and here it is.


Since I shut down the old version of my homepage in 2007, which had an English version, too, the demands to re-establish that section on my new website never ceased. There were mainly two reasons it took so long: First, I had to fiddle out before how to implement different versions of the same website with my new content management system and my new provider. Second, the thing I love most to do is, after all, to sit before my keyboard and type away new stories – and this is what I was doing a lot these last years …

But in the moment, I am in a limbo: I have finished the first draft of a novel that will be published in autumn, and facing the voyage to Norway next week, it's not the moment to start a new one. So I decided to work on my homepage instead, at least a little.

Invitation to Oslo

I am invited by the University of Oslo, Norway, to participate in an academic conference around the subject of world-building in science-fiction. The conference takes place the 9th and 10th of june, 2011. For more detailled and accurate information, look here: